Jack Leff Silver Boehm

Instrument: Silver (plate) Boehm flute, C foot, c.1970

Maker: Jack Leff, Paris

Pitch: A=440

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Notes: Jack Leff was a Paris builder making handmade flutes trying to recapture the qualities of Louis Lot. In fact, Jack’s father was the last Master Technician who worked for Lot. This is quite a wonderful flute. It does have a more modern scale than Lot and is designed for 440 (can easily play at 442). This flute plays quite well, as received, which is certainly unusual. It is basically in quite good condition. It plays very easily with a sweet sound that, I think, is bigger than what we would expect from a LL. The high c# is well in tune and the high register is excellent, very much in the style of Lot.

Demonstration recordings:

Leff 1.jpg
Leff 2.jpg
Leff 3.jpg
Leff 4.jpg
Leff 5.jpg
Leff 6.jpg
Leff 7.jpg
Leff 8.jpg
Leff 9.jpg
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