Laube Silver Boehm

Instrument: Silver (plate) Boehm Flute with C foot. Marked Laubé - La Couture-Boussey - Eure - Brevete - S.G. D. G. c.1895

Maker: Laubé, La Couture-Boussey - there are a number of makers with the Laubé name. Langwill lists Laubé, D. c.1895-1900 with the mark Laubé / A La Couture-Boussey / (EURE)

There is also Laubé-Drauxim 1878-1900 (maybe the same person?). The firm was a successor of Hérouard frères and other names existed as Laubé et Cie and Hérouard & Laubé. There is still a Hérouard wind instrument making company in existence today.

Pitch: 435-440

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: not yet restored

Notes: flute is in generally good condition but with old (original?) felt pads and in need of some adjustment

Demonstration recordings:

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Laube 1.jpg
Laube 2.jpg
Laube 3.jpg
Laube 4.jpg
Laube 6.jpg
Laube 7.jpg
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Laube 9.jpg

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