Lot, Louis. Paris - conical Boehm


Instrument: Conical Boehm flute in D, ebony with silver? keys, original case with endcaps and grease pot, serial number 4307, post 1900

Maker: Louis Lot, Paris

Pitch: A=435

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:


Demonstration recordings:

The first 4:00 of this track are on this flute:


Louis Lot CB 2.jpg
L. Lot conical 1.jpg
L. Lot conical 2.jpg
L. Lot conical 3.jpg
L. Lot conical 4.jpg
L. Lot conical 5.jpg
L. Lot conical 6.jpg
L. Lot conical 7.jpg
L. Lot conical 8.jpg
L. Lot conical 9.jpg
L. Lot conical 10.jpg

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