Drouet wood 8-key

Instrument: 8-key flute in cocus wood?, with ornamental silver rings and keys, silver lip plate, original case, serial #63, 


Maker: Drouet, Louis - London

Pitch: A=440 - 446

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: not yet restored

Notes: Drouet is mostly known for his ivory flutes - this is equally as fancy but made of beautiful wood. It is missing the touch of the C and G keys. It is otherwise in excellent condition. Drouet was trying to market a French type of flute, made in London by a group of well-known makers, and aimed primarily at the English market. Unfortunately, the English players didn’t enjoy Drouet’s very small embouchure (even small on my ivory example) and the small tone holes. As a player Drouet was famous for his sweet and crystalline tone, especially in the high register. People did, however, complain that he was a soft player - especially in comparison to the top English players. It is possible this flute was really made by Cornelius Ward.

Not the very odd foot joint with the C# and C below the D key, rather than the usual position above or further down the flute. The barrel seems to be made of a different wood - I haven’t explored that yet.

Demonstration recordings:

DSC 87361 Drouet wood
DSC 87382 Drouet wood
DSC 87393 Drouet wood
DSC 87404 Drouet wood
DSC 87415 Drouet wood
DSC 87426 Drouet wood
DSC 87437 Drouet wood
DSC 87448 Drouet wood
DSC 87340 Drouet wood

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