Godfroy, Claire, 6-key III

Instrument: mid-century 6-key, ebony/grenadilla, silver keys and rings.

Maker: Claire Godfroy, Anié, Paris - Patented

Pitch: 440?

Sounding Length: 53cm

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: not yet restored

Notes: This is a mid-century Godfroy flute which is interesting to compare to my earlier examples. Note the much thiner keywork, slightly larger embouchure. This flute is also slightly shorter and could be at A=440 or so. It is missing the touch of the long F lever, has a head crack and some bent keys but I think it will clean up quite well.

Demonstration recordings:

Godfroy III 11.jpg
Godfroy III 1.jpg
Godfroy III 5.jpg
Godfroy III 6.jpg
Godfroy III 7.jpg

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