Laurent, Claude - crystal flute

Instrument: 8-key flute in C, signed as 1821, made of crystal with silver keys and trim (original case)

Maker: Laurent, Claude. Paris (1805-1848)

Pitch: A=432 - 440 ?

Sounding Length: 580mm ?

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: Robert Lodge, Dee Pipik (MCKAY LODGE CONSERVATION LABORATORY, INC), Jon Cornia

Notes: A beautiful 8-key crystal flute by Laurent. Frosted glass with fluted exterior. Based on the silver hallmarks it is possible the keywork was made in 1819. This one is special in a number of ways. Although all parts are present the foot joint is broken into two pieces. Other than that the flute is in nice condition with very fine keywork. The label of this flute shows that it was sold by Monzani in London. It came to me as a pair in an original case (probably from Monzani) paired with an Ivory 9-key Monzani flute. It is compelling to imagine that Monzani may have made the ivory flute to pair with the Laurent and it is possible that they were meant to be played together. It won’t be possible to determine this until they are both restored. The two flutes do date within a year of each other and they appear to have a very similar scale.

Laurent only produced a small number of 8-key flutes. Only 4 of his flutes are know from 1821

Demonstration recordings:

Laurent 14.jpg
Laurent 4.jpg
Laurent 9.jpg
Laurent 13.jpg

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