Kohlert 8-key

Instrument: 8-key flute in C, ebony with German silver rings and keys

Maker: V. Kohlert Sons - Graslitz, Austria (1880-1945)

Pitch: marked HP, play easily at 440 (slide out about 10mm)

Sounding Length: 590mm (pushed in)

Total Length:

Embouchure size

Restorer: not yet restored but in very nice playable condition - very nice embouchure yielding a fine clear, focused sound with good volume.

Notes: marked “D 3511” Kohlert was a huge company. I think this particular model was one of the main competitor to the many nach-Meyer design flutes. A surprisingly refined play flute even without any recent work.

Demonstration recordings:

Kohlert (Pre) 1.jpg
Kohlert (Pre) 2.jpg
Kohlert (Pre) 3.jpg
Kohlert (Pre) 4.jpg
Kohlert (Pre) 5.jpg
Kohlert (Pre) 6.jpg


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