Meen, Hanau

Instrument: 6-key flute, ebony with ivory rings and silver? keys

Maker: Meen or Mlln (maybe an abbreviated last name?) - Hanau, Germany

Date: ???

Pitch: ?

Sounding Length: compared to a A. Grenser copy appears to be 420-430

Total Length:

Embouchure size

Restorer: not yet restored

Notes: This appears to be a very interesting flute. I can find no information on the maker Meen and no-one with a similar name is listed for Hanau. The keywork is interesting being on metal surface mounts somewhat similar to Laurent. It has 3 tiny ornamental ivory dots, 2 on the head (one is missing), and one on the body. The shape of the C key also seems distinctive. The body is in excellent condition with all the mechanisms in good shape. Obviously the barrel is cracked badly and there are 2 cracks in the head - not extending to the embouchure (which looks nice.) Body joints and slide are currently stuck.

I am interested in other observations about this flute as it is different from any others I have had and the maker appears to be unknown.

Demonstration recordings:

Meen 18.jpg
Meen 10.jpg
Meen 4.jpg
Meen 6.jpg
Meen 7.jpg
Meen 8.jpg
Meen 11.jpg
Meen 13.jpg
Meen 14.jpg
Meen 15.jpg
Meen 16.jpg
Meen 17.jpg


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