Ziegler 10-key

Instrument: 10-key flute, boxwood with ivory rings and brass keys - original case, circa 1835?

Maker: Ziegler, Vienna (1821 - 1895)

Pitch: ?

Sounding Length: 618mm

Total Length:

Embouchure size: small/square

Restorer: not yet restored

Notes: a fairly early flute by Ziegler. Brass lined keyways, missing RH-bflat and part of the mount. Presumably in original condition - extremely old pads. Definite signs of playing wear. Crack in head joint looks fairly recent. Strange color difference of lighter wood of the barrel. It could be that it was a replacement but if so it must also be very old as the pads are quite ancient. There is no makers stamps on the head joint or barrel. If someone had gone to the trouble to replace the barrel they certainly would have put on new pads. Brass cork indicator is probably a replacement but mechanism is original. Very nice squarish embouchure hole as preferred by many of the Viennese makers. Slanted E hole like Koch’s flutes generally to allow the D# key to be used with E . Quite a fine original case with the owners name Enrico Defrancesco (De Francesco). As Ziegler flutes were extremely popular in Italy it is likely that the flute would have come from there and possibly brought to America by an immigrant. I have not been able to turn up any information related to the owner’s name.

Demonstration recordings:

Ziegler 16.jpg
Ziegler 4.jpg
Ziegler 1.jpg
Ziegler 5.jpg
Ziegler 7.jpg
Ziegler 8.jpg
Ziegler 9.jpg
Ziegler 10.jpg
Ziegler 11.jpg
Ziegler 12.jpg
Ziegler 13.jpg
Ziegler 14.jpg
Ziegler 15.jpg

also in the case was a rather strange threaded endcap (?) not related to the instrument

Ziegler 2.jpg
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