de Winne - Palanca (prototype)

Copy of Carlo Palanca 1-key flute, c. 1765. Ebony with artificial ivory and a silver key

This is a prototype of a new model of Palanca based on a different original than the many other Palanca copies. It is a much more direct copy as it does not have to be significantly re-pitched to play at A=415. The goal is to create a Palanca which really represents the original. The final version will include the availability of a tuning slide in the head joint. One exists in the original this is made from as well as another original Palanca.

Palanca Winne 5.jpg
Palanca Winne 4.jpg
Palanca Winne 1.jpg
Palanca Winne 2.jpg
Palanca Winne 3.jpg

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