Djalma Julliot 2

Cottignies - Ma Normandie, Introduction

Djalma Julliot, France c. 1890-1900 or more likely 1920-1030 (flute does not have a serial number), note the tenon extension, probably invented by Julliot, which seems to have been designed to make the flute more sturdy. It looks a lot like the ingenious “Foster extension” and it may have some slight acoustical significance by making the bore continuous past the D# hole. - fully restored by Jeff Denning

Djamla restored 10
Djamla restored 1
Djamla restored 2
Djamla restored 3
Djamla restored 5
Djamla restored 7
Djamla restored 8
Djamla restored 9
Djamla restored.jpg

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