Maison Souchette, Anger

A very beautiful arrangement of popular song "Ma Normandie" by French flutist/composer 

Charles de Cottignies (1805- ). It is contained in a rare 19th solo French flute music manuscript.

5-Key flute labeled Maison Souchette, Anger (maker not listed in Langwill). From the research I have done Souchette was a very famous maker of mechanical instruments. This flute has been restored by Jon Cornia, although the photos below are still pre-restoration.  The wood of the head joint is particularly beautiful and interesting. A=c.438

Souchette - restored 1.jpg
Souchette - restored 2.jpg
Souchette - restored 3.jpg
Souchette - restored 4.jpg
Souchette - restored 5.jpg
Souchette - restored 6.jpg
Souchette - restored 7.jpg
Souchette - restored 8.jpg
Souchette - restored 9.jpg

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