Anon 8-key Flute

Instrument: 8-key Flute in C, cocus wood, with German Silver? keys and rings

Maker: I’m assuming this is American…there is no makers mark and it has features typical of various national styles - this usually point to an American builder.

Pitch: 440 as pulled out in the photos

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Notes: Repaired crack in the head joint and repaired long F key leaving it too short to use. Very nice wood, very good condition

Restoration: Kelly Nivison

Demonstration recordings:DEMO

American Anon 8 DSC 9572 copy
American Anon 8 DSC 9575 copy
American Anon 8 DSC 9576 copy
American Anon 8 DSC 9577 copy
American Anon 8 DSC 9578 copy

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