Potter 6-key

Instrument: 6-key flute in boxwood with ivory rings and Silver keys (all pewter plugs), 1809-1814

Maker: William Henry Potter, Johnson’s Court, Fleet Street, London

Pitch: 434-442

Sounding Length

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: Kelly Nivison

Notes: barrel crack, this flute has an interesting case which was almost surely made by the original owner. It was mentioned that some of the family from which this flute came, were in the whaling and shipping business. I can easily imagine this case being made by a sailor and used aboard ship. There was not cloth in the case but it must have been deisgned to be wrapped as in my photos.

Demonstration Recording: Mozart & some tunes

Potter 6-key retakeDSC 9202
Potter 6-key retakeDSC 9190
Potter 6-key retakeDSC 9192
Potter 6-key retakeDSC 9193
Potter 6-key retakeDSC 9194

Potter 6-keyDSC 9011
Potter 6-keyDSC 9009
Potter 6-keyDSC 9010
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