Djalma Julliot (Mignolet/Borne)

1901 /Djalma Julloit / La Coutre-Boussey (Eure) / Brevette / S.G.O.G./ J. Mignolet / Denver Colo. / Gen. Agt. US - serial 377 Silver Boehm flute. This is a very interesting flute which needs quite a bit more research. Julliot's business dates were 1890-192(?)5. He was a serious innovator with the silver flute using a lengthened tenon for the foot joint on most of his flutes and various special keys, fancy hand bracing, etc. This flute has a number of special features. It is also signed by J. Mignolet (1853-1935) of Denver Colorado and includes his patented G# mechanism which Julliot and some other makers used. The Dayton C. Miller collection also has a Julliot flute modified(?) by Mignolet and one of Mignolet’s own flutes. The collection also has interesting correspondence between Miller and Mignolet. He was evidently both a Belgiun consul, a flute maker and player, and “agent généreal” for Julliot in the US. Thus the marking “Gen Agt. US” on the flute.  Julliot was the preferred maker of Paul Taffadnel and he assisted in designing this Borne model . One can download Mignolet’s patent here (I have not studied how closely this mechanism matches the patent)

The flute is now fully restored. Pitch seems around 440 pushed in. It will probably play either at 435 or 440. The fact that it was sent specifically to the US might account for the A=440 pitch. Condition is quite excellent. 

This flute also has a very beautiful original walnut case. Because of the lengthened tenon Julliot's flutes don’t fit a standard case. This original case is particularly nice.

Restored by Tim Burdick

Pitch A=440 - this flute plays very well for me at A=440. It was made for the American market and sold through Mignolet, Juliot’s American agent. It is a bit low on the low D and C because it is possibly scaled lower but the tuning is original. 


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