Claire Godfroy, Boehm II

Instrument: Conical Boehm Flute, 1832 version

Maker: Claire Godfroy, Paris


Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: not yet restored

Notes:This is a beautiful flute which has been treated very badly. I bought it mostly for the very beautifully engraved silver lip plate. This must have been one of the first of these flutes to have the double thumb key. It has only a single hole for the thumb key where makers quickly added a second hole. It has a Dorus G#, which is roughly repaired and is missing one of the 2 springs. It has an extra trill key for B - currently not operational. Unfortunately, the foot is missing the keys and mechanism for the low C and C#. Anyone have an extra Godfroy conical Boehm foot???? The flute also has initials, in Russian, crudely carved into the body, I is missing the cork mechanism and cap. It is certainly a restorable flute and the lip plate is quite wonderful. It came to me from Armenia. 

Demonstration recordings:

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