Schauffler & Leukhardt

Instrument: 9-key flute in Vieneese style. 1851-57

MakerF. Schauffler & J. Leukhardt, Boston 1851-1857 Schauffler was a maker from 1847 until he joined up with Leukhardt. in 1851. Schauffler dissapears from the scene in 1857 but Leikhardt continues on his own until 1861. They made flutes in a Vieneese style including instruments to low A. The is an S&L flute in the Miller Collection and Miller writes in his notes “Extra fine workmanship.” I didn’t find the DCM flute searching their website. 

Pitch: 448? but will play at 440

Sounding Length:622mm

Total Length: 705mm

Notes: This flute is in especially fine condition - no visible cracks or repairs. The cocus wood is of very high quality. It is rather weak in the low register but an elegant flute in other registers.


Demonstration recordings:

S&L 9-keyDSC 9552
S&L 9-keyDSC 9553
S&L 9-keyDSC 9555
S&L 9-keyDSC 9556
S&L 9-keyDSC 9557

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