Triebert 6/8-key

Instrument: 6/8-key flute in Lignum Vitae? With silver keys and rings. Horn embouchure hole. 3 corps de rechange, D and C foot, original case. no hallmarks (I believe). c.1815

Maker: Triebert, Paris Shop dates (1810 - early 20thC) This flute would have been made by Georg Ludwig Wilhelm Triebert (1770-1848). A very important maker especially famous for his work in designing oboes.

Pitch: #1 A=432

           #2 A=437

            #3 A=444

Sounding Length

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: as received (possibly worked on by Rod Cameron)

Notes: This flute is in stunning fine condition. I see no repairs to the wood. The head joint ring is engraved the name M.J. Labouchere. There is a British MP by that name in the 1840’s - probably not the same person? The flute has alignment indicators for each joint (except the C foot). When properly setup the finger holes are inline and the embouchure is turned in just slightly. It seems to support exactly the top edge of the embouchure being in line with the finger holes. The flute plays extremely well. Smooth, rich, and very easy responsive. The tuning is excellent, even without any cork adjustment for different middle joints. This flute has early style key mounts, and the D# key is in the oval, late 18thC style. On the C foot the three keys are “á bascule.” The section that closes the low C hole is a replacement not entirely matching the original keys. All joints are stamped with Triebert’s mark.

It turns out that the original embouchure of this flute was damaged and the horn insert was put in by John Wicks, formerly of Rudall Carte. It certainly works extremely well.

The original case is in excellent condition.

The wood of this flute reminds me of the body of my Prudent flute. It is extremely dense without the porosity usually seen with coccus.

In the case is a note in an old hand:

Splendid Old

Silver Keyed


By “Triebert”

á Paris

Once the property

of J. Labouchere

Very fine tone

only £6.60

Worth double

Rod Cameron made a number of copies of this flute.

Former Collection of Helen Valenza.

Demonstration recordings: TBA

DSC 66834 Triebert 68
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