Buffet, D. Paris, 4/5 key 

Instrument: 4/5 key flute in D, ebony with silver rings

Maker: Denis Buffet, Paris also know as Buffet Auger - faint makers mark is STAR / D. BUFFET / A PARIS / STAR

Pitch: 425-435

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:quite small

Restorer: Jon Cornia

Notes: This is a very unusual flute with some features that would seem to place it very early in Buffet’s career. The square key mounts, I have only seen a few very early 19th century flute and the hinged D# key (à bascule) would normally be associated with earlier flutes. It is missing a long F key which was removed at some point. It appears the long-F was not part of the original design of the flute. As such the keys would have been unusual, b-flay, g#, long and short F, D#, but with no C key. 

Demonstration recordings:

Buffet 4-key.jpg
D. Buffet restored 2.jpg
D. Buffet restored 3.jpg
D. Buffet restored 4.jpg
D. Buffet restored 5.jpg
D. Buffet restored 7.jpg
D. Buffet restored 8.jpg
D. Buffet restored 9.jpg
D. Buffet restored 13.jpg
D. Buffet 1.jpg

Pre-Restoration Photos

D. Buffet 2.jpg
D. Buffet 3.jpg
D. Buffet 4.jpg
D. Buffet 6.jpg

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