Conn Ebonite

Instrument: Ebonite Cylindrical Boehm flute in C, 1 piece body, original case - this model is lined with metal - c.1913

Maker: Conn, Elkhart, Indiana

Pitch: A=440

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restored by: as received

Notes: It is interesting that Conn made so many different models of flute. They used Ebonite quite a bit having one very popular model that combined an Ebonite head with a metal body. Ebonite often ages poorly losing its finish, becoming dull and often with a greenish tinge. This example appears just as it would when the instrument was made. This is an especially beautiful Conn flute I owned previously -

Demonstration recordings:

Conn Ebonite 1
Conn Ebonite 4
Conn Ebonite 5
Conn Ebonite 6
Conn Ebonite 7
Conn Ebonite 8
Conn Ebonite 9
Conn Ebonite 10
Conn Ebonite 11
Conn Ebonite

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