Louis Lot (Villette)

Instrument: Cylindrical Boehm flute in C, Silver with Gold lip plate #2752 c.1879

Maker: Louis Lot - Villette shop

Pitch: A=440

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:


Notes: A truly wonderful flute. This flute was made in the early days after Villette took over the Louis Lot shop from Louuis Lot. Villette made a number of changes to Lot’s original designs that make his. flutes highly desirable. 

This flute has an interesting history in the 20thC – before that it is unknown to me. It was owned by the famous French flutist Fernand Caratgé who was a student of Gaubert. He himself taught many flutists who are well known today (Rumpel, Peter Lloyd, Rampal, William Bennet, and many others.) For some great background and recordings of  Caratgé, see Robert Bigio’s page http://vintagefluteshop.com/articles/art2.html Especially interesting to me was the fact that Caratgé was particularly interested in playing baroque music and produced a recording of the Bach Flute Sonatas as well as many other baroque pieces. I don’t know if he is playing this flute in any of his recordings. I think late in life he played Powell Flutes.

Demonstration video:

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LL 2752DSC 9621
LL 2752DSC 9624
LL 2752DSC 9625
LL 2752DSC 9626
LL 2752DSC 9627
LL 2752DSC 9629

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