Lefévere Cylindrical Boehm

Instrument: Wooden Cylindrical Boehm flute in C, cocus wood, B-foot (not sure of the key material - quite shiny but does not tarnish) c.1870

Maker: Lefèvre, Paris (1812 - 1911) (François)

Pitch: A=440

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Notes: this is a really stunning flute, original case in poor condition

Demonstration recordings:

Lefevre b-foot050220190
Lefévre 2 (1).jpg
Lefévre 5.jpg
Lefévre 4.jpg
Lefévre 6.jpg
Lefévre 7.jpg
Lefévre 8.jpg
Lefévre 9.jpg
Lefévre 10.jpg

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