J.C. Haynes - Boehm

Instrument: wooden cylindrical Boehm flute, cocus with German silver? keys, C foot - marked Bay State / J.C. Haynes & Company / Boston Mass / U.S.A. / 239

Maker: J.C. Haynes, Brighton, MA - J.C. Haynes was a fairly large manufacturer and dealer of many different types of instruments. He is not related to Wm. H. Haynes. He was at one point President of the huge Oliver Ditson company and became known as a flute maker starting in 1894. Previously he was in charge of importing flutes for Ditson.

Pitch: A=435?

Sounding Length: 611mm

Total Length: 679mm

Notes: this flute is playable except that the G mechanism stays down. Not yet restored, one very small (repaired?) HJ tenon crack, needs cleaning and pads. Original case in very poor condition (crutch missing)

Restoration: Not yet restored

Demonstration recordings:

JC Haynes Boehm 1.jpg
JC Haynes Boehm 9.jpg
JC Haynes Boehm 2.jpg
JC Haynes Boehm 3.jpg
JC Haynes Boehm 4.jpg
JC Haynes Boehm 5.jpg
JC Haynes Boehm 7.jpg

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