Whiteley, 6-key

Instrument: 6-key D flute, coccus wood? with ivory rings and Silver keys

Maker: Whiteley, Utica, NY

Pitch: A=

Sounding Length:

Embouchure size:

Restoration: Kelly Nivison


Missing endcap screw-cork assembly. This is a very fine playing flute with excellent tuning and tone quality, A classic American design with the double rings.

Whiteley is particularly interesting as the remains of his shop were discovered in Utica by Eric Selch and others. This included some complete and unused instruments as well as many tools and uncompleted keys, mostly for clarinets. 

Demonstration recording 

included in this video of American flutes - at 10:31

DSC 88370 Whiteley 6-key
DSC 88391 Whiteley 6-key
DSC 88413 Whiteley 6-key
DSC 88425 Whiteley 6-key

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