Milhouse 7-key

Instrument: 7-key Flute in C, ebony with ivory rings and silver keys, with tuning slide, c. 1810

Maker: W. Milhouse, London / 337 Oxford STT - William Milhouse was at this address from 1797-1822 and this flute probably dates to the earlier part of that time period.

Pitch: A=435-444


Notes: a very fine flute in a late classical style. It has a lined head joint and beautiful keywork. Foot is a bit flat but generally the instrument has rather good tuning.

Restorer: Jon Cornia

Demonstration recording:

Allegro from Trio VI by Wending

Three tunes by Dressler - Blue Bonnets, Fleuve du tage, Kelvin Grove

DSC 86583 Milhouse 7-key black
DSC 86592 Milhouse 7-key black
DSC 86601 Milhouse 7-key black
DSC 86610 Milhouse 7-key black
DSC 86624 Milhouse 7-key black
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