Wild 13-key

Instrument: 13-key Viennese style flute, Ivory head with cocus? Body and German silver keys, original case

Maker: F.R. Wild, Rausenburg c.1867 - Langwill reports only a clarinet know by him but he was in the Paris Exhibition in 1867

Pitch: ?

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size

Restorer: as received

Notes: not yet playable - as Wild is quite unknown as a maker it seems possible that this flute was actually made by Ziegler. Either that, or he was copying Ziegler. In addition to the normal 8 keys, this flute has high e to d trill (RH), RH Bb, thumb G#, L2 C, low B. Barrel has an open crack but the body of the flute look quite good. 

Demonstration recordings

Wild 12-key 9
Wild 12-key 8
Wild 12-key 1
Wild 12-key 2
Wild 12-key 3
Wild 12-key 4
Wild 12-key 5
Wild 12-key 6
Wild 12-key 7
Wild 12-key 10
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