nach Meyer (Kemp)

Instrument: 12-key flute, ebony with German silver rings and keys - original case (c.1900) B-foot

Maker: flute is marked “H.F. Meyer, Hannover” but must really be considered an Anon. Nach Meyer

Pitch: A=440

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size


Notes: Although this flute is marked H.F. Meyer, Hannover - it does not use his mark and the keys are not not mounted as Meyer did. This is, however, quite a decent flute. I will admit, I used to laugh when I would see a metal headed non-Boehm flute. Visually, they seem strange to me. However, after some experience, I must say they often play quite well. This head is metal clad, around wood. That means the chimney is wood in the middle which is probably good for the sound and the embouchure holes are usually in excellent condition. As far as I can tell this flute has never been restored but it plays quite well. Also, as is often the case with Nach Meyer flutes, performance is excellent at A=440

Keys - the keys are the normal 8, plus low B, thumb G#, RH Bb, high e/d trill

Case - I suspect this was a leather wrapped case that was falling apart so the leather was removed and the wood fixed up. Not a terrible solution.

Provenance: It is unusual to have a clear picture of ownership but this flute was owned by a Robert Augustus Kemp, from Frederick, MD, born in 1865. Though he wasn’t a musician, music was also an important part of his life and that of his family. 

Demonstration recordings:

H.F. Meyer (nach)112120180
H.F. Meyer (nach)112120181
H.F. Meyer (nach)112120182
H.F. Meyer (nach)112120183
H.F. Meyer (nach)112120184
H.F. Meyer (nach)112120185
H.F. Meyer (nach)112120186
H.F. Meyer (nach)112120187
H.F. Meyer (nach)1121201810
H.F. Meyer (nach)1121201811


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