Peloubet, NY 1-key

Instrument: 1-key flute in D, boxwood with ivory rings and brass key (double rings as is common on many American flutes)

Maker: Peloubet, Chabrier, New York and New Jersey - his dates were 1806 - c.1881. Peloubet was well known, particularly as a builder of reed organs, including church instruments of considerable size. In my opinion he was one of the finest American makers of 1 through 8-key flutes. The workmanship, especially cutting of the embouchure is always top-notch.

Pitch: A=446

Sounding Length

Total Length



Demonstration recordings

DSC 88300 Peloubet 1-key
DSC 88321 Peloubet 1-key
DSC 88332 Peloubet 1-key
DSC 88343 Peloubet 1-key
DSC 88355 Peloubet 1-key

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