Crone, Leipzig

Instrument: 1-key flute, boxwood with horn rings with brass key, c. 1770

Maker: Crone, Leipzig

Pitch: 430

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size: round, small

Restorer: Jon Cornia

Notes: A beautiful playing flute, great instrument for C.P.E. Bach. The flute had a long, old, repaired crack in the back of the head joint. After several attempts to re-glue the old repair the crack was basically removed and a thin strip of new wood was inserted. 

Demonstration recordings:

C.P.E. Bach - Sonata in G Major, Adagio & Vivace 

Abel - Sonata II, Adagio & Allegro

Crone restored 1.jpg
Crone restored 2.jpg
Crone restored 3.jpg
Crone restored 4.jpg
Crone restored 5.jpg
Crone restored 6.jpg


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