Meacham, 1-key

Instrument: 1-key flute in D, stained boxwood with brass key - c.1808

Maker: John Meacham, Jr. Albany, NY (1785-1844). From 1806-1810 he made instruments as MEACHAM JR. / HARTFORD. In 1810 he moved to Albany. In 1801 he began working with his brother as I. & H. MEACHAM. In 1827 on the death of his brother he changed names to MEACHAM & Co. Soon he joined briefly with Sylvanus Pond and formed MEACHAM & POND

Pitch: A=425

SL: 536mm

Notes: This is a very interesting flute. When I first saw pictures of it, before buying it, I thought it might be an mid-late 18th Century English flute. When I first played it, without yet knowing the maker, I still thought that likely. I was certainly surprised when on close examination I discovered it was by 19th century American maker, John Maecham. I suppose the flutes low pitch might influence my sense that this is in a very early style. I look forward to trying similar instruments to see if they have a similar character. 

Demonstration recording:

I normally try to match the example music with the time period and country, however, in this rare case I find it worth doing some demonstration on baroque repertoire as well as later music.

Leclair - Sonata I from the Second Livre - Adagio, Allegro ma poco, Sarabanda-Largo

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