Noé Freres 1+1 key

Instrument: 1-key with a b-flat key added (probably c. 1825) - the flute itself is probably c. 1810 - Boxwood with horn rings and brass keys.

Maker: Noé Freres, Paris

Pitch: A=435

Sounding Length

Total Length:

Embouchure size:


NotesThis flute is in excellent original condition. Noé Freres is not a household name but is one of my favorite French makers of simple system flutes. I currently have 4 in my collection and they are all special instruments. My others are all made of ebony so there is a very interesting comparison between the sound and “feeling” of this flute in boxwood. As expected, it has a milder, more woody tone and responds in a slightly less direct way. Both woods are very nice to play on. The added key is quite interesting. I can tell by the style of the shield mounted key itself, that this was done “fairly early,” probably not after 1830. It is not so unusual to find French flutes with a few keys added, especially with the early 1-key flutes. 

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Demonstration recordings: 

Noe 1+1 key 1.jpg
Noe 1+1 key 2.jpg
Noe 1+1 key 3.jpg
Noe 1+1 key 4.jpg
Noe 1+1 key 5.jpg
Noe 1+1 key 7.jpg

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