Anon 4-key

Instrument: 4-key flute, boxwood with horn rings with brass keys, 3 corps de rechange, original cardboard box and newly made wooden case c.1870

Maker: Anon, Germany

Pitch: 430, 435, 440

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: Jerry Schurr

Notes: This is a very nice Anon German flute. When it was made it was probably a mass produced flute made for export. It is quite a good playing flute, especially at A=430ish. This flute was found at an Ohio antique mall and included in the original box is a piece of paper which may have been part of the original wrapping of the flute. This paper is from the E.R. Hull Co which was a top department store in Cleveland beginning around 1870. It is quite likely that the Hull company imported and sold this flute. (see photos) The cap is a replacement but the flute is otherwise in excellent condition with no visible repairs.

Demonstration recordings:pending

Anon German 4-key DSC 9634
Anon German 4-key DSC 9635
Anon German 4-key DSC 9636
Anon German 4-key DSC 9638
Anon German 4-key DSC 9641

Note this very similar ornamental pattern on another German or American flute in my collection 

anon-f-flute-ii-2 med hr

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