Potter 4-key

Instrument: 4-key flute in boxwood with ivory rings and Silver keys, register foot, original case

Maker:Potter, London

Pitch: A=430 pulled out about 8 mm

Sounding Length

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: pewter plus restored by Matt Slausen, the rest of the flute had some previous repairs

Notes: all Pewter plugs

Demonstration Recording: https://youtu.be/b8fuX7KxhRc

Potter 4-key 060620191
Potter 4-key 060620193
Potter 4-key 060620195
Potter 4-key 060620197
Potter 4-key 060620199
Potter 4-key 0606201911
Potter 4-key 0606201913
Potter 4-key 0606201915

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