Firth, Son & Co.

Instrument: 6-key D flute, cocuswood?, silver keys and silver lip plate, with tuning slide, in interesting original case

Maker: Firth, Son & Co., New York c.1863-64 This version of Firths company was formed he and his son left Firth, Hall & Pond in 1863. A year later in 1864, John Firth died.

Pitch: A=440

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Notes: This is a fine looking and playing flute. A good example of high-quality American flute building. The wood used is particularly nice - I’m not sure what it is but have labeled it Cocuswood in a generic sense. The wooden case is quite interesting as it is designed to hold the flute while put together. Such cases can occasionally be found.

Demonstration recordings:

Since this flute is up to it, I played the Romanza from the Berbigieur Solo, Op 42

Romanza from Berbigieur Solos, Op 42

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