Anon 4-key fife


Instrument: 4-key fife in Bb, made of cocus wood with silver rings and keys

Maker: Anon, England

Pitch: A=452


Notes: The fife is inscribed on the head joint silver ring "Presented to D. Mr. James McLaren

By Ensign Campbell 92nd Highlanders

September 3rd 1855

I spent a little time trying to track down James McClaren. He was a member of the Highlanders Regiment of Foot, which is a well known regiment. 

The fife plays very well and is an elegant instrument.

Restorer:Matt Slauson - new endcap and associated silver rings as well as new Bb key

Demonstration Video:

English 4-key fife 3
English 4-key fife 2
English 4-key fife

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