Holtzapffel 4-key restoration

This flute has many interesting features - some best seen during the restoration process. Many thanks to Jon Cornia for these photos and his work on this flute.

The tuning slide and barrel are particularly interesting in that they are put together without glue, done by threading all the elements that need to attach together. This is not uniques as Monzani and some other English makers also used this technique briefly. The quality of precision and workmanship here is notable. 

Holtzapffel 6-key restoration 2.jpg
Holtzapffel 6-key restoration 2.jpg

Another very special aspect of this and other Holtzapffel flutes are the metal surface key mounts. This idea was very new at this time and different makers had their own systems to accomplish it. The initial surface mount design is attributed to Laurent. For other interesting early surface mounts see: Jouve, and Buffet. Here we see and screw in the middle that holds the mount to the body of the flute, visually hidden by the key itself. In addition there are 2 small prongs that keep the mount in position. A very simple and effective design.

Holtzapffel 6-key restoration 8.jpg
Holtzapffel 6-key restoration 9.jpg

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