Kessels, Tilbourg 11-key metal

Instrument: 11-key cylindrical simple system flute (normal 8-keys, plus low B, Tulou F#, and high E/D trill), metal, cylindrical bore

Maker: Kessels, Tilbourg, Netherlands, c.1880-1939. Kessels was a large company working under Dutch Royal appointment. They made pianos and other instruments.

Pitch: A=440

Sounding Length

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: Matt Slausen

Notes: Though not a French flute, this is a style that was very popular in France and the design most probably originated there. These flutes were produced to be a cheaper competitor to the Boehm flute.  Boehm style head joint, cylindrical bore, use of rods and axels, but using the old simple system fingerings. These flutes were also popular in Italy. The C and Tulou F# keys are designed to be played with the side of the first joint of the finger rather than the tip. This is quite difficult when the next note involves the F hole.

Demonstration recordings:

DSC 80952 Kessels metal flute
DSC 80964 Kessels metal flute
DSC 80970 Kessels metal flute
DSC 80981 Kessels metal flute
DSC 80993 Kessels metal flute
DSC 81005 Kessels metal flute

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