Edward Riley 1-key

Instrument: 1-key flute in boxwood with ivory rings and a brass key

Maker: Edward Riley / 29 Chatham St/ N. York active (1820-1831)

Pitch: A=445

Sounding Length

Total Length:

Embouchure size

Notes: This is a superb example of a basic flute from Edward Riley, NY. He was one of the first important flute makers in the United States. He was also an important music publisher and engraver. This flute is special in that it is in virtually perfect, original condition. It was discovered in a blanket chest in Vermont along with a C fife. It plays extremely well with a big and lively sound.


Demonstration video: https://youtu.be/1wZV72VgpEg

E. Riley 1-key 8
E. Riley 1-key 1
E. Riley 1-key 3
E. Riley 1-key 4
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