Torchio Piccolo (Boehm)

Instrument: Boehm system piccolo

Maker: Baldassarre Torchio, Milano, b1903

Pitch: A=440


Notes: Information on Torchio from Francesco Carreras " "Baldassarre Torchio, born in 1903, was mainly a well known flute player, first flute at La Scala, and from 1937 to 1964 was flute teacher at the conservatory of Milan. He wrote in 1942: 10 pieces for flute, Ricordi and Difficult passages for orchestra for flute and piccolo, Ricordi.

He was active as a maker, and many flutes with his name BTR (for Baldassarre ToRchio) exist. The quality was considered good but it is not clear whether he himself was making the flutes or had the job done by others. I have seen many of his flutes which are generally appreciated. Around 1935 he made three identical flutes for the Turin RAI orchestra players Finazzi, Evangelisti and Danesin, one of those is my ebano flute."

Restorer: as received

Demonstration Video:

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