Max Kneer

Max Kneer, München - 6-key, boxwood with ivory rings and brass keys. In original wooden case. Pitch is a=430-440. Note the “tuning hole” in the foot joint. This flute is very much in the style of the great Viennese maker S. Koch. The embouchure hole is in his typically squarish style although smaller than most flutes of this time. It measures 10.4 x 8.8mm. This produces a sweet but concentrated sound. The condition of this instrument is especially nice. It was restored by Kelly Roudabush and has 2 repaired cracks in the barrel. The rest of the instrument is in near perfect condition. It has metal lined keyways and tone holes.

Kneer 2
Kneer 3
Kneer 5
Kneer 6
Kneer 4
Kneer case 1.jpg

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