Moennig 4-key F flute

Instrument: 4-key flute in F, boxwood with horn rings and brass keys

Maker: Moennig - I assume this is an early example from someone of the Mönnig family who were large producers of flutes and other instruments

Pitch: around A=440?

Sounding Length: 44.6 cm

Total Length: 51cm

Embouchure size

Restorer: not yet restored

Notes: This flute is in fairly condition with the usual small HJ crack. The embouchure area is rather strange as it seems purposefully warn away but at the same time the size of the hole isn’t changed. Seems to play decently, even with some leaks. I think the line on the LH joint is a scratch not a crack.

Demonstration recordings:

Moennig F flute 2.jpg
Moennig F flute 3.jpg
Moennig F flute 4.jpg
Moennig F flute 6.jpg


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