Noé Freres 8-key

Instrument: 8-key flute with C foot, ebony with silver rings and keys (hallmarked)

Maker: Noé Freres, Paris

Pitch: A=430-440

Sounding Length

Total Length:

Embouchure size:


NotesThis flute is in excellent original condition. Noé Freres is not a household name but is one of my favorite French makers of simple system flutes. I currently have 5 in my collection and they are all special instruments. This plays quite nicely down to low C. It is also missing the screw driver which was in the picture from the auction house. 

The makers mark is different from my other Noe Freres flutes. Perhaps this is from a son. It could be slightly later than my 6-key and is certainly later than my other Noe flutes

Demonstration recordings:

Noe Freres 8-key 16.jpg
Noe Freres 8-key 20.jpg
Noe Freres 8-key 12.jpg
Noe Freres 8-key 13.jpg
Noe Freres 8-key 15.jpg

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