Laube Silver Boehm

Instrument: Silver (plate) Boehm Flute with C foot. Marked Laubé - La Couture-Boussey - Eure - Brevete - S.G. D. G. c.1895

Maker: Laubé, La Couture-Boussey - there are a number of makers with the Laubé name. Langwill lists Laubé, D. c.1895-1900 with the mark Laubé / A La Couture-Boussey / (EURE)

There is also Laubé-Drauxim 1878-1900 (maybe the same person?). The firm was a successor of Hérouard frères and other names existed as Laubé et Cie and Hérouard & Laubé. There is still a Hérouard wind instrument making company in existence today.

Pitch: 435-440 (I play it at 440 as pulled out in the photos)

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: Matt Slausen

Notes: quite a nice flute, now completely restored. The flute had some large areas where the plating had been rubbed off by an over agressive polisher. We decided, especially since it was otherwise so nice, that we would have it re-plated. I think this was very successful.

Demonstration recordings:

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Laube Boehm 3.jpg
Laube Boehm 4.jpg
Laube Boehm 5.jpg
Laube Boehm 6.jpg
Laube Boehm 7.jpg
Laube Boehm 8.jpg

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