Zencker, Adorf

Adagio from Erholungen by Wilhelm Klingenbrunner (Vienna)

Alla Pallaca from Erholungen by Wilhelm Klingenbrunner (Vienna)

Adagio from Erholungen by Wilhelm Klingenbrunner (Vienna)

G.  Zencker, Jun., Adorf – 4-8 key flutes with ivory rings and brass keys – all joints nicely stamped. Made c. 1815-1825) A rare flute showing in a single example an important part of the development of the early 19th-century flute. This instrument is basically a 5-key (G#, short F, long F, D#) flute with 3 corps de rechange. That is a rare thing in itself but this flute includes both a D and C foot and corps de rechange #2 has an added C-key. The design is quite similar to the Viennese flutes of S. Koch complete with a square-ish embouchure hole. Condition is very good and it is in an original cardboard case. The flute is fully restored (2 small repaired cracks in HJ) and has an unlined head joint. Restored by Boaz Berney. Pitches are roughly 440, 445, 450

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