Prudent Thierriot 1-key

Instrument: 1-key D flute with 3 corps de rechange, Palisander with ivory rings and a silver key, original tooled leather case, C. 1770s

Maker: Prudent, Thierriot, Paris. Prudent established his workshop in 1765 and he died in 1786. He is often associated with Bizet, and worked for him, first as an apprentice starting at age 17. Following Bizet’s death, Prudent became Master of the Workshop. He was very well-known for his bassoons, which were no doubt used often in the music of Rameau. 

Pitch: 420, 426, 432 (based on a very quick test)

Sounding Length:

Total Length

Embouchure size:

Restorer: as aquired

Notes: This is an extremely exciting flute by one of the very top makers of flutes in France at this time. Condition is very good. As received it has a repaired crack in the head (socket area) and some cracks, at least in the ivory on the foot joint. I think the color of the head joint was altered somewhat in the repair of the crack. I also suspect that the endcap is not original as it is too long to allow a proper sized cork. The cork, clearly modern, was right up against the cap and only set at about 15mm which was to little for this flute. I have it set around 22mm which puts the cap at the point where it will fall out. The cork itself is very short so the problem is not the fault of the cork. The case is wonderful. I assume most of the interior is modern. This certainly could be the original case.

Demonstration recordings: Leclair Excerpts 

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