Prudent Thierriot 1-key

Instrument: 1-key D flute with 3 corps de rechange, Lignum Vita with ivory rings and a silver key, original tooled leather case, C. 1770s

Maker: Prudent, Thierriot, Paris. Prudent established his workshop in 1765 and he died in 1786. He is often associated with Bizet, and worked for him, first as an apprentice starting at age 17. Following Bizet’s death, Prudent became Master of the Workshop. He was very well-known for his bassoons and clarinets. I’m sure his bassoons were used often in the music of Rameau. 

Pitch: 415, 420, 430

Sounding Length:

Total Length

Embouchure size:

Restorer: as aquired and now with new head joint

Notes: This is an extremely exciting flute by one of the very top makers of flutes in France in the second half of the 18thC. Condition is excellent. The head joint supplied with the flute is almost certainly not original to the flute. It is a different wood and acoustically too too short. It is certainly French and could be from the same period, but doesn’t belong with this flute. In looking for a solution I discovered that a Tortochot head (copy by Boaz Berney) worked quite well. I now have a head made specially for this flute, in Lignum Vita and voiced to the instrument (also by Boaz Berney). The result is a spectacular flute! The case is wonderful. I assume most of the interior is modern. This certainly could be the original case.

Demonstration recordings: Leclair Excerpts on originally supplied head joint

Corelli Sonata on Tortochot head joint

Berbigieur Solo (with new head)

Prudent 6
Prudent 2

Prudent 3
Prudent 4

Prudent 5

Bereny Head

Flute with new head

Prudent 13.jpg

Head joint supplied with flute

Prudent 17.jpg

Prudent 3.jpg

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