Herouard 1-key

Instrument: 1-key flute in D, boxwood with horn rings and brass keys

Maker: Thomas Hérouard, Paris 1760 -1799

Pitch: 440

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:


Notes: The first known flute maker of the family was married to one of the Hotteterre family. The mark on this flute appears to be the first version of the Hérouard mark. Probably made c. 1780?. 

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Demonstration recordings:

Herouard 1-key 3.jpg
Herouard 1-key 4.jpg
Herouard 1-key 5.jpg
Herouard 1-key 6.jpg
Herouard 1-key 7.jpg

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