Adler 6-key

Instrument: 6-key flute in D, boxwood with horn rings and brass keys (metal rings are part of previous repair)

Maker: Adler - I think this says Adler but I’m not completely sure. The Adler family was mostly in Markneukirchen, Bamburg, or Breitenfeld. I can see the stamp on 3 joints and about the only thing I can tell for certain is the name starts with “Adler."


Sounding Length: 523mm (high-pitch?)

Total Length:

Embouchure size

Restorer: not yet restored


Demonstration recordings:

Adler (pre) 1.jpg
Adler (pre) 2.jpg
Adler (pre) 3.jpg
Adler (pre) 4.jpg
Adler (pre) 6.jpg


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