Anon Wooden Cylindrical

Instrument: Wooden Cylindrical Boehm flute in C, cocus wood, c. 1915

Maker: unmarked

Pitch: A=435

Sounding Length:

Total Length:

Embouchure size:

Restorer: Tim Burdick

Notes: This flute was purchased in 1918 by John W. Coulter, a 2nd Lieutenant in the American military stationed in Northern France. This flute was donated to the collection by Margaret Mc Bride his daughter, and her husband John Mc Bride. It is in quite amazing condition. I plays extremely well with original pads. It had metal plugs in the open holes and they were easily removed. See the last photos for a view of the plugs. The flute has 2 small cracks, one in the head in the usual place and one in the foot. Neither leak but the one in the head will probably need to be repaired. It always surprises me to find something this nice without a makers mark and working so well after 100 years!

Demonstration recordings:

Anon French Boehm open 1.jpg
Anon French Boehm open 3.jpg
Anon French Boehm open 4.jpg
Anon French Boehm open 5.jpg
Anon French Boehm open 6.jpg
Anon French Boehm open 7.jpg
Anon French Boehm open 8.jpg
Anon French Boehm open 10.jpg
Anon French Boehm open 2.jpg
Anon French Boehm 3.jpg

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