Metzler 4-key

Instrument: 4-key Flute in D, boxwood with ivory rings and silver keys,

Maker: Metzler & Co, London, 105 Wardour St. (1837-42)

Pitch: A=440 (pulled out as shown - warmed up)


Notes: This flute was recently donated to my collection by Lawrence Mirel, who had received it as a gift in 1959 from an antiques dealer in Brighton. Larry was in England with the Yale Concert Band (although he is an Oberlin graduate) and Sidney Knight wanted to give him something in thanks for America’s helping England in the War. What a nice gift. Larry has had it since then, but being a clarinet player, had never used it. He recently had it restored by Matt Slausen and then donated it to the collection. Many thanks for the donation!

The flute is in very solid condition. It had a crack in the barrel and various things were stuck together, including the register foot. Matt was able to restore everything to fine condition. As you might notice, the D# is a miniature of what it should be. Probably a Bb key that got called into service when the original key broke. I hope to replace that key. For this set of photos the Bb key is off as I look into making it seal better. This flute plays very nicely, in exactely the way an English flute of this vintage should. 

Restorer:Matt Slausen

Demonstration recording:Metzler demo

Metzler 4-key 6
Metzler 4-key 1
Metzler 4-key 2
Metzler 4-key 3
Metzler 4-key

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