Helwert, 6-key

Instrument: 6-key flute, ebony with ivory rings with silver keys

Maker: Helwert, Friedrich Willhelm, Heidelberg - early 19th Century. His son Jakob David was a very fine flute maker in Stuttgart (1844-1866 in Stuttgart  (if anyone knows of any instruments by this maker, please let me know - I can find only a few beautiful flutes by his son)

Pitch: 442

Sounding Length: 53.9

Total Length: 61cm

Embouchure size:

Restorer: Jon Cornia

Notes: This is a beautiful flute with a fine embouchure. It did have some unusual repairs. A crack at the top of the LH joint was repaired by cutting away some of the wood - not from the length, luckily - and putting a metal sleeve around it. This has been nicely restored. It has has a replaced. The original G# key and mount must have been torn off and instead of turning a new mount they used a (later style) surface mount screwed in with 6 screws. This has need restored to a block mount re-using the existing key.

Demonstration recordings:


Helwert 6-key restored 1.jpg
Helwert 6-key restored 2.jpg
Helwert 6-key restored 3.jpg
Helwert 6-key restored 4.jpg
Helwert 6-key restored 5.jpg


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